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Why Us?

Coskhouse is a booking platform specialized in co-living for international interns and young professionals. We offer an unique co-living experience answering to a generation that asks for new rental solutions, tailor made for a growing digital nomad lifestyle.

Based in Prague, we have entered the flatsharing business in 2008 always with two big missions in mind:

• Help tenants to find the perfect accomodation in Prague, living the full international co-living life
• Assist property owners to maximize their properties occupancy rate taking care of the booking process and assisting in the communication with their tenants

+400 rooms listed in our platform

10 years of experience

+500 tenants each year

Booking Platform

We created our own operating tool which is today first player in Czech Republic to rent rooms to long term interns, young professionals and students. Thanks to it we can enable many owners to fully rent in the easiest and most efficient way the properties that we manage.

Co-living experience

  • Living in community
  • Shared Facilities, Private Rooms
  • Fulfilling Lifestyle

Reasons to Become a Partner

Our broad international community of interns and professionals
Coskhouse has the pleasure of receiving a broad number of international tenants from mulitple professional fields. Access our strong international community and bring your brand closer to an audience that really matters!
Our strong reputation and presence in the market
Coskhouse counts with the knowledge gained during multiple years of flatshare rental to stundents with student-room-flat. Years of experience, hard work and distinctive reputation is what makes us one of the most relevant booking platforms in Czech Republic.
High quality accommodation for your interns and workers
Improve your intership/work offer by giving your workers the chance of living an unique co-living experience. Inserted in this international dynamic environment they can enjoy  the opportunity of exchanging languages and develop skills that are fundamental to their overall performance at the job. Flatsharing also foments team building values that can be a real asset to the development of multiple collective projects at work. 
Young and International Team
We are young, we are professional and the cherry on top of the cake is that we are an international team! We are truly passionate about what we do and we work hard to assure our partners, tenants and owners live a truly positive experience cooperating with Coskhouse!

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Give us few details and our booking team will find the best solution for you

Book a room

Give us few details and our booking team will find the best solution for you